Sunday, July 11, 2010

Charging Rhino Watercolor Painting

Charging Rhino watercolor painting - 10 x 14 inches on Arches 140 pound paper - is from a Wet Canvas weekend drawing event. There was a challenge to use only primary colors, so I picked some 'dots' that I recently received from Daniel Smith to try - Mayan colors. I didn't have enough to finish this though, so I picked some colors close to them - Perinone Orange, Winsor blue. Definitely takes the painting out of the grey range.

Interesting that I read this today from Courage to Change al-anon, dealing with anger, which kind of fits with the charging rhino.....

"Feeling our feelings in one important part of the recovery process.
Learning how to balance feelings with appropriate action is another.
'When angry, count ten before you speak;
if very angry an hundred.'
Thomas Jefferson"

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