Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Janice Warriner has given me this Kreative Blogger award. I am honored. Thank you! Be sure to check out her blog.... Just off The Easel.

I guess I am supposed to write 7 non-art related things about myself and then give the award to seven bloggers.

1. I am a nurse - now retired after 28 years.

2. I love to read.

3. I have a Himalayan cat, Muffy - my constant companion.

4. I would love to do pilates more, but my favorite activity at the gym is SPINNING.

5. I have 4 daughters and 7 grand children and 2 great grand children. I take care of three of my grandchildren during the weekdays.

6. I love to my spare time

7. My favorite color, like one of my grandson's is orange.

Seven Blogs I would like to recommend are---and I had a hard time trying to choose from all the excellent choices.....but these were all great---

1. Dean H. with his acrylic paintings at Deano's Den

2. Joy Argento and her oils at Joy's View

3. Andrew Orr - oil paintings at his art studio blog

4. Paul Wolber and his acrylic paintings at Paul Wolber Art Studio

5. Elizabeth Blaylock oil paintings at her daily painting blog

6. Michael Mikolon figurative oil paintings Fine Art blog

7. Linda Apple's oil paintings at Painting a Day art blog

I will be on vacation for the next week..... I'm going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I am bringing my painting supplies with me, but it's a familly vacation, so I'm not sure how much painting I will be able to get done. Lots of photos though.

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Dean H. said...

Hi Bunny! I am honored...thank you for the award! I haven't passed it on yet due to schedules and time constraints. But above all, I want you to know that I appreciate it!



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