Friday, September 25, 2009

Artists on the Beach Watercolor Painting

Artists on the Beach Watercolor Painting is 7 x 10 inches on Arches 140 pound paper. This is Block Island and two of the group of plein air painters working last week. Usually Block Island is a week of relaxation and fun, however, in anticipation of the upcoming signing for the book, news media interviews, TV interviews.... it was not.

Still riding the "high" from last Saturday's premier of our book "The WaterFire Duck" and the signing. What an evening! The Mayor of Providence, David Cicciline, was there and we signed a book for him, the author and I were honored with lighting the torches for the boats - marching through the crowds with our torches, down to the water. What an amazing feeling, and we didn't want to relinquish our torches!! For those of you who have never experience WaterFire, it is a work of art that involves all of the sense - smell, sight, sound - a huge party that extends for over a mile in the city with thousands of people - smiling and happy!! That night they had canoes with koi fish lit up on the water also, Jack-o-lanterns carved out by the Roger Williams Zoo, Lion Dancers..... You can investigate a little more at A great reason to visit the city of Providence (among other things here!)

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