Saturday, May 30, 2009

Indian - Sarcee Tribe - Watercolor Painting

Indian - Sarcee Tribe - Jack Plume -watercolor painitng is 7.75 x 7.75 inches on Sennelier 140 pound paper. This is from a Wet Canvas reference photo. There were 3 challenges---to do a black and white in color or vice versa, to do some local history searching and 3rd to show everyone. This photo was in black and white (for challenge #1).

I first noticed a house on the corner not for from me that had a plaque that said 1757...surrounded by a white picket fence, .and I am amazed at how well the house is kept up. There’s an old carriage house, including carriage, a well in front. One of these days I will take my camera and get some pictures - I think it would be a great painting. Anyway, the challenge has spurred me to do some research on our little Oaklawn village.

This is the Oaklawn Baptist Church, one of 2 central buildings of 35 that comprise the village of Oaklawn in Cranston, purchased from the indians for settlement. The second is our library, which was a school house. Here is the full information at this link, if you're interested:

and this excerpt:

“Archaeologists have determined that, from about 1500 to 1800 B.C., the area near Furnace Hill Brook was inhabited by Native Americans who fashioned bowls, pipes and other tools from soapstone mined from a nearby quarry. Pottery-making and the growing of maize, beans and squash were major changes introduced in the area from about 500 B.C. to the colonial period. By the time the first European settlers arrived, the Narragansett Indians had at least six villages in Cranston, although none has been found within the Oaklawn district.”

From there I did some research on the indians: the Narragansett Tribe, from various sources, and found out many of them were killed during King Phillip’s war even though they were neutral from the other warring tribes, and many of the homes in the Oaklawn settlement were burnt down during that same war.

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Barb Hartsook said...

Hi Bunny. The portrait is outstanding! Even at a small size. I think I studied every brush stroke... wow.

You've inspired me in a big way this morning. I too live just outside a village, and across a Duck Pond fed by a cold creek running into and out of the village there are two churches. A white one to the north, a brick one to the west. I have painted one... and now am inspired to look up the histories and paint again. I so enjoyed reading about yours and look forward to your next watercolors...

Anonymous said...
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