Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bananaquit Bird Watercolor painting

Bananaquit bird watercolor painting, 5 x 7 inches on Fabriano 140 pound watercolor paper. This is from a Wet Canvas weekend drawing event.

Some thoughts on the importance of a sense of humor, from "Courage to Change", an Al-anon Family Groups book:

A well developed sense of humor helps detach from personal
struggles and triumphs.
I will avoid taking myself too seriously today.
'One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span,
Because to laugh is proper to the man."
....Francois Rabelais

For a gallery of my artwork, you can visit my web site. I also have a variety of items with artwork imprinted on them available for purchase through Cafe Press and Zazzle. If you have any questions about any of my artwork, or would like to make a purchase, please email me at bunnygriffeth@gmail.com All major credit cards are accepted.

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