Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Blue Heron" Watercolor Painting

For this "Blue Heron" watercolor painting I used a delicate palette of emerald green, cobalt violet and cobalt torquoise. The painting measures 10 X 7" and is available.

Thoughts about living transparently that is, letting others see our faults, helps people to feel more comfortable, whereas boasting in our strengths and accomplishes builds walls. This is from a book called "The Velveteen Woman" as well as this quote from Charles Spurgeon:

"The strong are not always vigorous,
the wise not always ready,
the brave not always courageous,
and the joyous not always happy."

For a gallery of my artwork, you can visit my web site. I also have a variety of items with artwork imprinted on them available for purchase through Cafe Press. If you have any questions about any of my artwork, or would like to make a purchase, please email me at All major credit cards are accepted.

1 comment: said...

As usual in all of your paintings they are wonderful, yet this one is so realistic I can feel the softness of the feathers.


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