Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kitties In A Basket Watercolor Painting

Kittens in a basked watercolor painting has been reworked ...the background was too dark. I'm not quite sure if its done now, but I'm happier at the moment with it.
The painting is really about the soft kitties in the foreground, and not about the flowers.

These are Himalayan kittens...I have an adult one from this breeder in New Hampshire who is now 16 years old. (I have a painting of her earlier on in my blog called "Muffy"). She is the sweetest animal I have ever owned, very lovable and gentle, and very affectionate.

They go from this white color to a darker and darker grey, looking like the cat in "Meet the Parents" that used the toilet, or "Homeward Bound" with the snotty Sally Fields voice. "Cats Rule, Dogs Drool."

Muffy is a torti-point, which means she is tortoise colored on her ears, nose, and paws. She has half a burnt sienna nose, and half a black, with a white "star" on her forehead, and mix and match paws.

They are originally a cross breed between a siamese and an angora, with all the meanness taken out! --but now a breed unto themselves. They are extremely intelligent animals. Muffy sits up and begs for treats, and goes to the cupboard where they are when you say the word "treat". She has trained my 2 grandsons to deliver her treats in the afternoon.

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