Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pieta Watercolor Sketch

Pieta watercolor sketch inspired by a photo reference on Wet Canvas this weekend of the famous sculpture by Michaelangelo of Jesus and his mother Mary, using two colors.

They say it is out of proportion, because a grown man cannot fit in the lap of a took two years for him to complete.

Pieta means "pity", but this is one of the paradoxes,
"He became weary, yet He is our rest. He was sold for thirty pieces of silver, and He bought our redemption. He died so we could live. To seek truth involves an integration of things that seem separate and look like opposites when, in reality, they are intertwined and related in some ways."

There is a dark side to us, and by admitting that, others can see God's grace and light in our lives. Thomas Merton said, "A saint is not someone who is good but who experiences the goodness of God." ...from "The Velveteen Woman" by Brenda Waggoner.

Being "real" is so important.

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