Saturday, April 5, 2008

Old Town Harbor, Block Island Watercolor Painting

Old Town Harbor, Block Island watercolor painting. This measures 10 x 14" on Arches 140 lb paper. Inspired by the unspoiled nature of Block Island...this beautiful old hotel, the undeveloped beach area, the peacefulness.

"[Some] fishermen were relaxing in a Scottish seaside inn. One..gestured widely and...struck the serving maid's tea tray, sending the teapot flying into the whitewashed wall. The innkeeper...sighed, 'The whole wall will have to be repainted.'
'Perhaps not' offered a stranger....The man pulled [out] pencils, brushes and pigment....He sketched lines and dabbed...colors throughout the splashes of tea. In time, an image [emerged]: a stag with a great rack of antlers. The man [signed the picture], paid for his meal, and left. His name: Sir Edwin Landseer, famous painter of wildlife.
In his hands a mistake became a masterpiece. God's hands do the same. He draws together the disjointed blotches in our life and renders them an expression of his love." Max Lucado, "Come Thirsty"

The paintings shown here and on my website can be ordered matted and framed. For more information you can email me: The painting without mat and frame is $150.

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