Saturday, March 1, 2008

Young Girl Watercolor Painting

Young Girl
Watercolor Painting
Inspired by an image from the Wet Canvas weekly drawing event. The challenge for this was to do a painting using only 2 I used blue and red.

My thought for today is from a book called "The Velveteen Woman". She uses the book "The Velveteen Rabbit" as an analogy of our becoming "real" through God's transforming love. She talks about our "fake fur" perceptions vs. our "real fur". There is a chapter she calls, 'Looking down our twitching noses' at others. Comparing ourselves to others leads to unhappiness as we always see ourselves as either better than or worse off than others, i.e., superiority or inferiority, neither of which is accurate. Henri Nouwen once said "In a football game if you are the winner, the other guy is the loser. But that's not true with God."

To God we are all beloved. With or without trophies.

When I look at an image and paint it, and then view the wonderful and different ways we all interpret that image with colors, or contrast, or mood or we do on the weekly drawing event... I believe that's how I can understand how God looks at us all and sees the beauty, the uniqueness, in us all. There is no "better than", only "good".

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