Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring, Washington Park, NY Watercolor Painting

Spring, Washington Park, NY is a
watercolor 10 x 13" on Arches 140 lb paper and was inspired by a trip with the Watercolor Society to the Salmagundi Club in New York for the American Watercolor Society's annual international exhibit - last year at this time, actually. My friend and I sat and people watched for a while - lots of activities going on. And of course lots of photos.

I was very amused at a girl who set an easel up in a high traffic area and then proceeded to paint from memory. I admired her comfort level in doing it.....I would have tucked myself away somewhere with a sketch pad instead.

My thought for today is on the subject of confidence, a quote from Paul Ceszanne to Victor Chocquet:

"I should have wished to possess the intellectual equilibrium that characterizes you and permits you to achieve without fail the desired end... Chance has not favoured me with an equal self-assurance, it is the only regret I have about things of this earth."

or this:

"Walk to your easel casually, but with a dollop of arrogance." ...Harley Brown

1 comment:

donna said...

You go girl!
It's so good!!!!!
I will take some time and view all your work, which I am sure will be a pleasure.
God truly blesses the work of your hands.
Donna Ide


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