Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow Leopard Watercolor Painting

Snow Leopard watercolor painting. Usually hiding, on this fall walk through the zoo this guy was out so I got a few shots of him. Such a beautiful animal.

Thought for the day: I came across a book I forgot I had: "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" by Philip Yancy and Dr. Paul Brand, and flipping through this read from a chapter on love:

Christianity is not a statistical view of life---Malcolm Muggeridge. ...And an interview by a news reporter with Mother Teresa, who was ministering to the homeless who were dying. He asked, "What kind of success rate could her hospital boast of when most of its patients died in a matter of days or weeks? Mother Teresa stared at him in silence, absorbing the question, trying to pierce through the facade to discern what kind of a man would ask them. She had no answers that would make sense to him, so she said softly, "These people have been treated all their lives like dogs. Their greatest disease is a sense that they are unwanted. Don't they have the right to die like angels?"

Faith expressed in love...that's what Christianity is. Our doing should come from our being, our living free - not because we go to a certain "church", or don't, or wear certain clothes, or don't, or attend a certain number of meetings, or don't, or do good deeds, or don't.... but from our being.

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