Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reflections of NY Watercolor Painting

Reflections of NYC
Full sheet watercolor

...inspired by a photo taken while on a trip to the American Watercolor Society's gallery exhibit last April. There were reflections on everything in the painting, every car window, every window....

Reflection for today:

"When Francis of Assisi turned his back on wealth to seek God in simplicity, he stripped naked and walked out of the city. He soon encountered a leper....He passed him, then stopped and went back and embraced the diseased man. Francis then continued on his journey. After a few steps he turned to look again at the leper, but no one was there. For the rest of his life, he believed the leper was Jesus Christ....." "And the Angels Were Silent" by Max Lucado.

The Bible tells us that we sometimes entertain angels without our knowledge....

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